The gate to the cyber security field

How many people want to dig into the security world but have no idea where to start from? Everything is chaotic and if basic information is missing that creates gaps as we move on learning deeper. I got some great news! THM is now offering a new learning path called “Pre Security“. Not only you can learn, but you can […]

Netcat – the net kitty!

Netcat is a tiny tool for linux and windows and it is used for reading and writing data across network connections using TCP or UDP. It has amazing features and it is a must-have tool for pen-testing. It is called the “Swiss-army knife for TCP/IP”. Netcat is a terminal application with many features. Apart from basic telnet functions, it can […]

more than 10000 free fonts

More than 10.000 fonts for free

1) – Fonts from google – free to use! 2) Huge fonts collection for free. 3)  Free fonts from WAZU JAPAN’s Gallery of Unicode Fonts. 4) Collection of free Greek fonts 5) Very nice collection of Greek fonts

Google A/B testing tools online

Finally google released some amazing tools that are necessary for all serious webmasters! Google Optimize beta is online! register here: Create a container and start using any of the three available tools. 1 A/B testing. Great tool where you can have half of your visitors to land on one version of a webpage and other half to visit another […]

auth error gmail

Authentication error when configuring pop3/imap gmail account in your mail client.

Authentication error when configuring pop3/imap gmail account in your mail client. Have you ever needed to setup your computer’s mail client to receive google mail instead of having to visit gmail website? If you answer yes then 99% you are getting “authentication error” even though you are using the correct credentials! Find below all the steps you need in order […]