The gate to the cyber security field

How many people want to dig into the security world but have no idea where to start from? Everything is chaotic and if basic information is missing that creates gaps as we move on learning deeper. I got some great news! THM is now offering a new learning path called “Pre Security“. Not only you can learn, but you can even win great prizes like OSCP, Security+ vouchers and more!

This is an amazing opportunity to get a solid base and understanding of what’s happening in the computers world.
There are 5 main topics that you will learn about:

Having completed all 5 sections you see above I can certainly say that the learning experience was great and fun! Highly suggested for newbies but also for people who would like to refresh their knowledge on the pre security path!

Topics in the path

  • Learning Cyber Security
  • What is Networking?
  • Intro to LAN
  • OSI Model
  • Packets & Frames
  • Extending Your Network
  • DNS in Detail
  • HTTP in detail
  • How websites work
  • Putting it all together
  • Linux Fundamentals Part 1
  • Linux Fundamentals Part 2
  • Linux Fundamentals Part 3
  • Windows Fundamentals 1
  • Windows Fundamentals 2

You can read more about the Cyber Fundamentals learning path at:

Learn and win prizes.

Feel free to register under my referral link and take advantage of the promo event currently running.

Complete rooms and earn tickets – Get 3 of the same tickets and win prizes!

The ticket promotion ends on the 15th of July


There are over $5,500 worth of prizes for everyone!

Lucky TitleStreak Freeze10% Swag DiscountStickers
1 Month THM Voucher
Worth $10
Swag Voucher
Worth $20
Throwback Voucher
Worth $60
3 Month THM Voucher
Worth $30
Security+ Voucher
Worth $275
OSCP Voucher
Worth $1000

What is the Pre Security path?

Learn the pre-requisite technical knowledge to get started in cyber security. To attack or defend any technology, you to first learn how this technology works.
The Pre-Security learning path is a beginner friendly & fun way to learn the basics. 

The more you learn the more you win!
Enjoy learning!

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