Google A/B testing tools online

Finally google released some amazing tools that are necessary for all serious webmasters! Google Optimize beta is online! register here: Create a container and start using any of the three available tools. 1 A/B testing. Great tool where you can have half of your visitors to land on one version of a webpage and… Read More

auth error gmail

Authentication error when configuring pop3/imap gmail account in your mail client.

Authentication error when configuring pop3/imap gmail account in your mail client. Have you ever needed to setup your computer’s mail client to receive google mail instead of having to visit gmail website? If you answer yes then 99% you are getting “authentication error” even though you are using the correct credentials! Find below all the… Read More

Deadly commands in Linux

Here are some linux commands that can kill your computer! Don’t try them if you don’t know what you are doing: 1. Delete Everything Recursively! rm -rf / 2.Send commands to Hard disk any-command > /dev/sda 3. Format H.D. mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda 4. Move everything to null mv ~ /dev/null 5. Fork Bomb! Once run this command… Read More

Have you been pwned? Check online if your accounts were hacked!

Visit the website bellow and search if your accounts have been hacked! Just enter your email address or your username and click search to check weather your account details (on websites and services) have been hacked. 82 pwned websites 287,114,397 pwned accounts 33,700 pastes 24,340,143 paste accounts  

How to get domain names for free?

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to get a domain for free? Well the answer is YES!!! You can register free domain names and this is no joke. So what’s the catch? There is no catch but you can only register  .tk .ml .ga .cf .gq domains.   To get free domains click HERE!